Hotel Day Pass?

Your website visitors want to know!

The Problem with Hotel Chatbots

A recent article suggested that hotels are moving too quickly to chatbot technology. Here's what it got wrong (and right).

5 Ways Customized Chatbots Help Hotels Regain Independence from Online Travel Agents

The relationship between hotels and OTAs can be a double-edged sword. Here are some alternative strategies to regain financial flexibility.

Three Practical Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s Guest Experience

Create personal experiences, improve your check-in process, and take advantage of existing hotel technology.

Location, location, location

Your guests want to know your location and what they can do nearby. This is how we let them know for you.

It's not just for hotel bookings

Increasing your direct bookings is only the beginning. Here are some other benefits of using a chatbot for your hotel.

Hotels Spend More on Leisure Guests than Business Guests

GuestChat reduces the resources your hotel spends by answering your leisure visitors' questions 24/7 using automated chat.

ChatGPT Has a Long Way to Go to Replace Hotel Chatbots

There is no doubt that ChatGPT is smart, but can it help answer hotel-specific questions?

Ask Questions in a Foreign Language

Our chatbot will automatically translate and answer for you.

Cater for Weddings?

Hotels that cater for weddings use GuestChat to attract new business.

How Can Hotel Chatbots Improve Business?

Here are just a few ways hotels can benefit from using a chatbot.

Is Breakfast Included?

How many times have you asked this question from a hotel?

Top 3 Chatbot FAQs

Here are the top three questions hotel website visitors ask our chatbot.